New Novel: ‘Something Evil Comes’

30th August

A. J. Cross’s fourth novel ‘Something Evil Comes’ published by Severn House is released in hardback in the UK and the US on the 31st August and shortly after as an e-book.

Dr Kate Hanson and the Unsolved Crime Unit are baffled as to motive when the body of a young man is discovered.

When a body is discovered locked inside a church crypt, its throat torn out, the victim’s identity is quickly established as 20-year-old Matthew Flynn, son of one of the city’s leading entrepreneurs, who disappeared a year earlier.

For forensic psychologist Kate Hanson, the evidence reveals careful planning but also loss of control. It makes no sense. Nor can she and her colleagues in the Unsolved Crime Unit agree as to motive. Is it drugs? Money? Sex?

The only thing that’s clear is that Matthew has been keeping secrets from his family …

Red Herrings Article

11th February

Red Herrings article 

Art of Deception review by the Sunday Times

3rd November

Art of Deception gets a review in the Culture section of the Sunday Times today. Select the image below for the full-size scan: